Projecting Balconies Overview

What are projecting balconies?

Projecting balconies, often known as ‘cantilever balconies’, are essentially platforms added to a building which cantilever off of the main building structure and allow residents to step out onto a platform protected by a perimeter balustrade.

This type of balcony provides benefits both to the interior and exterior of an apartment. On the inside it adds extra floor space and brings the outside in, so helping to make a compact living area more light and airy. It also offers residents instant access to their own private outdoor space, which is often limited in high-rise city apartments. Projecting balconies can make all the difference to the finished building by creating the architectural signature that sets one building apart from the ordinary.


Projecting balconies can be cantilevered out from the building structure, or the more traditional self-supporting style, which have most commonly been used on low-rise residential buildings. With the latter option, the weight of the balcony structure, deck and balustrade are supported by columns or ‘legs’ to minimise the cantilever forces normally taken by the building frame.


Because of connections to the building, projecting balconies enable optimum use of offsite construction.

Simply use the three key elements of a typical balcony, shown in the diagram above, and click through to the relevant page for more details.


Projecting balconies are often a very cost effective balcony option and enable the use of systems like Sapphire’s patented glide-on cassette® system.

Consult Sapphire about using our unique cassette® balcony system, with bolt-on or glide-on connectors, and frameless structural glass for a fast, high quality offsite balcony solution.