About Us

The Complete Package

Working closely with architects, designers and building professionals, Sapphire offers unrivalled assistance at every step of the way, from concept to completion. This level of service and support sets Sapphire apart, offering something unique in the sector, and makes a real difference to our clients.

At Sapphire we offer the whole package, working with you from the initial design stage all the way through to manufacturing, installation and aftercare.

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Our Products

Sapphire’s philosophy has been to manufacture quality products offsite. Whilst this focus has shifted from balustrade systems to complete glazed balcony structures, these roots are still very much part of how Sapphire make a difference.

To perfectly suit your project, all our products are custom designed utilising standard principles and are bespokely made using modular components for optimum quality.

We invest a lot in research and development to increase the speed of installation whilst creating simpler, safer and more cost effective balconies. Innovation is key to Sapphires success and really does make a difference.

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